Photo Scanning Service - Digitize Media

Photo Scanning Service – Digitize Media will create a high-quality digital copy of your photo – meaning that you always have a reassuring back up of your beloved photographs, and allow you to easily share your memories and experiences on your digital devices with your family and friends.

Old photographs are your history, and provide fond memories of loved ones, beautiful places and brilliant events. Scanning the photos to a digital format will allow you to preserve your family’s history.

Photographs can fade away or become the victims of flooding or fire, so it is best to protect them by having them turned into digital format. This also has the advantage of being able to share your old photographs online.

Photo Scanning Service – what size photos do you scan?

We scan photos from 2.5″x2″ to 8.5″x34″ in size.  Please note that we only scan loose photos meaning that all frames, mounts, blue tack or tape must be removed before sending the photographs to us for digitizing using our latest high quality dedicated professional scanning equipment. Note that we cannot process Polaroid photographs.

Photographs can be scanned to 3 different resolution levels – 300, 600 or 1200 dpi.

If you live locally to our offices in Hertfordshire, we will come around and collect your photographs. In other cases, just post them to us.

We will scan your photos and return them to you on a USB memory stick, by registered post, within 5 working days together with the original photographs, but normally this is a much-shorted period.  We can also return your scanned photographs using We Transfer.

Can you save our photographs into folders and categories?

A small charge is levied for this service. This is due to the additional set-up time required per folder. For us to know how to distribute the photos into the appropriate folders, we need you to put your photos into individual envelopes and label them clearly.  The folder service must be requested and paid for at the time of ordering. For photographs, we cannot guarantee that they will be scanned in the order that they are placed in the envelopes.

Please use short, clear descriptions such as “Holiday 1990”, “Jessica 1st Birthday” or “New Year 2000” for the folder names.

Photo Scanning Service

No matter how carefully you handle and store your photos, time and age will eventually cause them to fade and deteriorate and your photos are in danger of fading away. By scanning them into a digital format, you will preserve and protect one of your most irreplaceable possessions.  Our services include:

  • Door-to-door, safe, and guaranteed tracking
  • Simplified ordering process to be as easy as possible.
  • Immediate scanning your precious photos to digital images the moment they reach us.
  • Photo memories safely scanned and corrected to a USB drive.

Photos Capture Special Events In Your Life

The magic of photos is that they capture special events in your life – from your child’s first steps to the birth of your grandchild and old family photos can connect you with ancestors you never knew.

The only way to truly preserve these precious moments in time is to scan photos to digital. At Digitize Media, we are committed to helping people relive joyous and nostalgic moments.

We have competitive rates with no hidden charges. Photographs cost from 8p and slides from 22p prices dependant on quantity.

Includes conversion, USB drive & for orders over £65 free return delivery.

Minimum order value £30.

Photographs Sizes Accepted:

  • Minimum 6cm x 6cm
  • Maximum 21cm x 38cm

Photo Scanning Service

Photo scanning allows you to share old boxes of memories digitally with friends and loved ones. Once your photos are scanned and uploaded safely, they can also be printed as vibrant photo prints or turned into personalised photo gifts, enlargements and wall art that can be displayed around the home.

Digitize Media are a family-owned business and offer a truly personised service to make sure your scanned photo prints, slides and negatives come out with the best results by putting your images through quality control tests. We also offer a bulk photo scanning service, perfect for turning 100s of old photos and slides lying in forgotten shoeboxes into digital photos.

Common Questions About Transferring Photos To Digital

My Photos Are Not Organised

While we cannot organise your photos before you send them to us, our very friendly team are always available to help you with suggestions for organising by category, paring down collections, and setting up folders.

How Secure Are My Photos?

All our client materials are sealed and labelled with your last name, unique order number and what is inside. Your project is tracked from start to finish and you can call for an update at any time to find out about your project.

How many photo scans fit on a USB?

A lot! A data USB can hold thousands of scanned images, but if you have more photographs than fit on a standard USB, then we will upgrade you to whatever size USB you might need.

Reasons to Choose Digitize Media for your Photo Scanning Service

Here are some of the reasons that our happy clients choose Digitize Media to scan their slides:

  • We have a flexible approach and can put together tailor made solutions based on your ideal requirements.
  • We have a swift response to queries, clear communication, and quick turnaround times.
  • We provide a service for ex-pats.
  • We sell gift vouchers for a unique birthday or anniversary gift.

The Best Photo Storage And Sharing Services

You have invested in Photo Scanning Service to digitize your prints but what is the best method to store them?

By using a photo storage and sharing service, you can keep all your scanned photos in a single safe place where they can be easily accessed for years to come.

The main reason to store your scanned photos externally is safety. You may have thousands of photos stored on external drives and USBs, but they are never truly safe as physical storage devices can be lost, fail, stolen or damaged. The best photo storage sites will safeguard your treasured photos and ensure that you never have to worry about losing them.

There are several other reasons to upload your pictures onto a photo storage sites.

  • They make it easy to access your scanned photos wherever you are, so long as you have an internet connection.
  • They can act in a way to organise and edit your scanned and make it easy to share them with family and friends.

What Are The Best Photo Storage And Sharing Sites?

Flickr Photo Storage and Sharing

The team at Digitize Media think the best photo storage and sharing site is Flickr.

The free version of Flickr has a cap of 1,000 photos, but a Pro account costs about £50 per year, which gets you an unlimited number of uploads. Flickr has excellent tools for touching up photos and lots of tagging features, so it is easy to find your photos. Flickr is also particularly good at letting you share your photos with others.

Android and iPhone Photo Storage and Sharing

Android and iPhone owners who want an easy way to back up their photos should consider Google Photos or iCloud.

These two photo storage services are less expensive than Flickr and can store all your images in the cloud automatically. Plus, if you have a Google Nest Hub Max or some other smart display, you can synchronise it with your Google Photos account.

However, the Google Photos service from June 1, 2021, you will no longer get unlimited storage. So, any photo you upload will be counted against your 15GB Google Drive storage limit, which includes not just Google Photos, but Gmail and any other document you have saved in Google’s cloud service.

Amazon Photos Photo Storage and Sharing

Amazon Prime members may want to use Amazon Photos, which offers unlimited storage with your Prime membership, and has rather good tagging and sharing features. You can also display your photos on an Amazon Echo Show.

Dropbox Photo Storage and Sharing

Dropbox offers support for photo storage. You can upload images from your computer to Dropbox as you would with any other files. Once your scanned photos are in the cloud, you can create and share basic slideshows that anybody can access or share the files directly with other Dropbox users.

Unfortunately, there is no tagging, no printing, and no way to edit photos online using Dropbox.

Dropbox offers a free 2GB plan; a 2TB plan costs £9.99 a month and includes 30 days of version history and file recovery.

How To Select The Best Photo Storage Site For Your Scanned Photos

When considering photo storage sites, you should think about the following 5 things:

These are the five factors that you must consider when selecting a photo storage site when you receive your images back from the photo scanning service.

  • Value: The photo storage system should have enough storage to keep all your photos in one place over the years at a low cost.
  • Quality: Your photos should be preserved in their original resolution,
  • Ease of use: You need to be able to upload photos easily and edit them.
  • Ease of access: Finding photos by date, tags or other means should be achieved easily.
  • Shareability: A good photo storage site makes sharing photos easy.

If you have any questions on the best way to store your scanned photos just contact the Digitize Media team who will make suggestions based on your circumstances.