Digitize Media UK - Terms and conditions for scanning services

Our Promise To You

We are a small family company that cares and set up Digitize Media Ltd when we experienced the distress of losing thousands of photos due to a household incident. All holiday, family and special moments were lost. Its not until you lose your photos do you realise how precious they are.


Paper photos & fragile slides are at great risk of fading, water and fire damage in general and of course theft.  Digitize your photos & slides and safeguard them forever and share with your loved ones.

Our specialised and dedicated Digitize Media team will look after your photos & slides with the greatest of respect and upmost care. Safeguarding your memories and privacy is of fundamental importance to us.

Every step we adopt is part of a tested and secure process. No images or data is ever shared.

We only hold your images for 30 days (just in case you want another copy and once we know you have received your photos & slides back) – after that every image is permanently deleted.


Elaine Robson, Watford

I looked at 3 similar services before ordering with Digitize Media. DM were the cheapest but more importantly delivered on all of their promises.


G Colombard, Pinner

Great service, very easy


Martin Johnson, Chelmsford

Great quality. I keep looking at photos I had forgotten about.